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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Extraordinary Cupcakes to cater my wedding?

If you would like to schedule a tasting please call or email us to set up an appointment. We will gladly discuss your wedding needs and provide options for delivery and set up for your cake and cupcake desires. Please allow several weeks of notice prior to your wedding date.

Do you make cakes?

We do! We'd be happy to make your birthday, wedding or other special event cake for you and your family. Please call to discuss flavors and decorating options. Please give a few days notice prior to when you wish to pick up your cake.

How often do you bake each day?

We currently bake as soon as we receive your order. This is why there is a 50 - 60 minute wait time on day of orders.

I want to order a lot of cupcakes -how much notice do you need?

Because we bake day of, it is better if you place your order a few days in advance. 

Should I refrigerate my cupcakes?

Please don't - that will dry them out. We make our cupcakes fresh daily, using only the finest ingredients. Our cupcakes are made without preservatives and should be enjoyed on the day purchased. If you plan on storing them overnight, store the cupcakes in an air tight container or wrap the box tightly in plastic wrap. Cupcakes may be stored in this manner for up to 2 days.

Do your cupcakes contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives?

Only our red velvet and banana pudding contain artificial coloring. Any special requests on coloring may also contain artificial colors. All other cupcakes do not contain any artificial ingredients. We use butter, whole milk, eggs, cream, sugar, flour, and other premium ingredients to make our cupcakes the best we feel they can be.

I have food allergies - do you make anything nut, sugar, or dairy free?

We use butter, whole milk, eggs, cream, sugar, flour, nuts, and other premium ingredients. All of our regular daily products contain wheat, sugar, and dairy products and are made in the same area where products containing various nut items are made.  Our bakers are meticulous about cleanliness but folks with serious food allergies need to be aware of the presence of these products in our kitchen.  We don't yet have egg or dairy free options, but if we get that worked out, we will post it right here and on our MENU page!

Does you offer any gluten-free items?

Yes. We offer vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes that are gluten free. You get to choose the filling and icing.

Can I place an order for more than a dozen cupcakes on the same day that I need to pick them up?

YES!! For orders over a dozen, we recommend you order in advance.

Can Extraordinary Cupcakes ship cupcakes to me?

We are currently not shipping cupcakes. 

Does Extraordinary Cupcakes sell any smaller sizes of their cupcakes?

We offer 3 sizes of cupcakes - our regular, extraordinary size, a smaller "party size" and "mini" size.

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