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I bought my first cookbook when I was in Elementary School at a book fair. I still have it and it still has the best recipe for sugar cookies that I have ever tasted.

My mother was a great cook when I was growing up.  Whenever she made biscuits or cornbread, I was always watching and waiting for a mixing beater or left over dough. I thought I was just waiting for a treat but it was in my mother's kitchen that I learned the basics of baking. Many of our offerings are a nod to my mom and the delicious cakes I grew up enjoying. Every dessert we sell has a story. 


I fell in love with the restaurant business at age 12, when I first saw Casablanca.


As a kid, I loved helping in the kitchen and took my mom's recipes away with me to school (ham and potato casserole to die for).  The sights and smells in my grandmother’s kitchen (scrapple and shoofly pie!) and even our next door neighbor’s kitchen (homemade fudge every weekend!) were great times for me. It took me years to realize that what I really loved was providing people with moments of camaraderie and joy that only arise around a table.

Way back when the cupcake craze hit, long before any TV shows about the subject, we traveled all over the place - trying cupcakes from everywhere. These experiences often left us wondering what the fuss was all about. It was then that we discovered a place that was AMAZING, After that we went home and began thinking about creating our own cupcakery. We agreed that if we could make cupcakes as good as the ones we had had then we had something extraordinary to offer Williamsburg.


It took us 3 1/2 years of trial and error in the kitchen to come up with the first 12 cupcakes we served on our original menu. When you bite into an Extraordinary Cupcake, the first thing you will notice is the richness of the cake. It has an impressive depth of flavor and smooth icing. We like to refer to it as a marriage of the perfect cake with the perfect icing. 

The Beginning

Our Ingredients

It takes extraordinary ingredients to produce our extraordinary cupcakes, like King Arthur flour, chocolate from France and pure Madagascar vanilla. We do not use artificial flavorings or colorings (red velvet is the exception) in our cupcakes. We taste-tested every ingredient we use in the months prior  to opening our shop in 2011.

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